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Saturday November 19, 2005 1:07 am

A New Sex and The City? Lipstick Jungle Hits The Small Screen

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Comedy, NBC

Lipstick JungleHave you already exhausted all the DVDs in your six-season Sex and the City collection?  Have you tossed and turned at night wondering what could have happened if Kim Cattrall had agreed to star in the movie version?  Do you still secretly hope that she will change her mind?

Well -  we have no new information to offer on the SATC front (BTW—Charlotte would have unexpectedly become pregnant in the proposed movie,) but there may still be a chance for you to enjoy the characters of Candance Bushnell’s world.  The author has just signed a deal with the Peacock network to bring her recent novel, Lipstick Jungle, to the small screen as a sitcom.  Bushnell says the book is about “women trying to become their own Mr. Big.”  A female Mr. Big?  That would be an interesting turn of events.  Let’s drink a cosmopolitan to that!

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