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Sunday January 16, 2011 10:37 pm

2011 Golden Globe Awards—Live Coverage

Golden Globe statues

For the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards, NBC recruited funnyman to host the ceremony for the second year in a row. But will Gervais be the only name making a return appearance at the microphone tonight?

Last year, Michael C. Hall, Alec Baldwin, Julianna Margulies and Toni Collette nabbed acting wins in the Television category. Could we see repeat victories for all four nominees?

At the 2010 event, Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart) bested Colin Firth (A Single Man) for Best Actor in a Drama. Will this be the year that Colin Firth (The King's Speech) takes the statue from Bridges (True Grit)?

Follow our live coverage after the jump and get all of the answers to the above questions and more!

4:41 P.M.: Michael Douglas makes his first major public appearance after announcing the positive cancer news. He and Catherine -- in a royal green dress – both look fantastic.

4:50 P.M.: I can’t help but watch Anne Hathaway on the red carpet and wonder if the stress will put Rachel Zoe into labor.

4:58 P.M.: Carson Daly is questioning Justin Bieber’s appearance at the Golden Globes. I was just questioning Carson’s.

5:00 P.M.: Ricky Gervais hits the stage and immediately delves right into Charlie Sheen jokes. We might as well just get those out of the way.

5:18 P.M.: Carlos upsets The Pacific and wins the prize for Best Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie. You heard me right – there’s a prize Tom Hanks didn’t win.

5:01 P.M.: Ricky just now ripped on The Tourist. I’m not sure if Johnny Depp is quietly laughing or thinking of ways to kill him later. At least Chris Noth can laugh about the Sex and the City references.

5:05 P.M.: A soon-to-be single Scarlett Johansson takes the stage to announce the Best Supporting Actor (Motion Picture). Stringy-haired Christian Bale makes me yearn for skinny, drug-addicted Bale.

5:09 P.M.: LL Cool J and Julie Bowen present the Best Actress (TV Drama) category. Sons of Anarchy’s Katey Sagal takes the win. She’s come a long way from playing Peg Bundy.

5:18 P.M.: Carlos upsets The Pacific and wins the prize for Best Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie. You heard me right – there’s a prize Tom Hanks didn’t win.

5:21 P.M.: Gervais just introduced Bruce Willis as “Ashton Kutcher’s dad.” Almost as laughable as Red being nominated for Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical).

5:23 P.M.: Chris Colfer (Glee) also pulls out a surprise win over actors like David Strathairn (Temple Grandin) and Eric Stonestreet (Modern Family) for Best Supporting Actor (Series, Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie). Gives a lovely shout-out to kids who have been bullied in real life.

5:32 P.M.: Michelle Pfeiffer still looks as hot as her Grease 2 days. I fully expect to see Maxwell Caulfield riding up on his bike right now.

5:33 P.M.: Eva Longoria, another soon-to-be single lady, brings one fewer name (Parker) to the stage -- and a lot more cleavage.

5:33 P.M.: Did Kevin Bacon take something – or forget to take something -- before he hit the stage?

5:35 P.M.: Steve Buscemi takes the Best Actor (TV Drama) win for Boardwalk Empire. I’m still hoping for a Jon Hamm sighting later.

5:37 P.M.: Boardwalk Empire’s win for Best TV Series (Drama) has officially forced me to renew my subscription to HBO.

5:47 P.M.: Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Lopez present the award for Best Original Song to Diane Warren for “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” (Burlesque). Note to Jennifer: This is a woman who knows something about music.

5:49 P.M.: Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win Best Original Score for The Social Network. Seeing Trent Reznor in a suit?? Unreal.

5:55 P.M.: Hailee Steinfeld and Justin Bieber team up to present the Best Animated Film category. Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich questions whether the two stars were even alive when the first Toy Story came out. (Answer: No.)

5:59 P.M.: Ricky Gervais has just now referenced Robert Downey Jr.’s rehab troubles. At least he’s an equal opportunity offender.

6:00 P.M.: Annette Bening (The Kids are All Right) wins for Best Actress (Motion Picture Comedy or Musical). She deserves the prize alone for calling Mark Ruffalo an “awesome sperm donor.”

6:11 P.M.: Tilda Swinton and an extremely thin Geoffrey Rush take the stage for the Best Actor (Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie) category. Al Pacino nabs another prize for his role as Jack Kevorkian You Don’t Know Jack.

6:16 P.M.: Claire Danes wins Best Actress (Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie) for Temple Grandin. I wonder if she doubled-up on the Latisse for the special event.

6:24 P.M.: Ricky Gervais calls Steve Carell “ungrateful” for leaving cash cow The Office. (NBC execs are sharing that thought right now.)

6:26 P.M.: Aaron Sorkin wins Best Screenplay for The Social Network. Even I could have written that ending.

6:29 P.M.: Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Chris Evans (Captain America) take the stage. I think we all know who’d win in that fight.

6:29 P.M.: Glee’s Jane Lynch takes the win for Best Supporting Actress (Series, Mini-Series or Made-for-TV Movie). As happy as I am for Lynch, I was kind of hoping Sofia Vergara would give a crazy speech with that thick accent.

6:36 P.M.: Denmark’s In a Better World wins Best Foreign Language Film. Ricky Gervais may think no one cares about this category, but I have a soft spot for happy people who can’t speak English.

6:40 P.M.: An absent Laura Linney wins Best Actress (TV Comedy) for The Big C.

6:46 P.M.: Jane Fonda, who recently announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer, completely overshadows the movie she was presenting (Burlesque). She looks a thousand times better than the film.

6:47 P.M. Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) wins Best Actor (TV Comedy). Co-star and award presenter Kaley Cuoco does a great job pretending she was surprised.

6:50 P.M.: Jeremy Irons, fresh off his cameo on SVU, hands the Best Supporting Actress (Motion Picture) statue to Melissa Leo (The Fighter). She cleans up quite well.

7:03 P.M.: Acting legend Robert De Niro accepts the Cecil B. DeMille award. His 30-second reference to Little Fockers was funnier than the movie itself.

7:13 P.M.: Angelina Jolie-wannabe Megan Fox formally presents The Tourist. This may be the only time she gets to be on the Golden Globes stage.

7:14 P.M.: David Fincher wins Best Director for The Social Network. People on Facebook found out about the win an hour ago.

7:18 P.M.: Glee caps off victories for Colfer and Lynch with a win for Best TV Series (Comedy). I'm sad Ryan Murphy didn't find a way to work a song into the speech.

7:25 P.M.: I’m not sure if Halle Berry is wearing a dress or a slip. Men everywhere are telling me to shut up.

7:25 P.M.: Paul Giamatti wins Best Actor (Motion Picture Comedy or Musical) for Barney’s Version. I know you’ve never heard of the film, so just click here., 

7:33 P.M.: A pregnant – and very pink – Natalie Portman wins the Best Actress (Motion Picture Drama) for Black Swan. I’m worried she won’t have a dress to wear now come Valentine’s Day.

7:39 P.M.: The Kids are All Right wins for Best Motion Picture (Comedy or Musical). I'm not sure bored-looking kid Hailee Steinfield is doing all right at this point.

7:45 P.M.: Sandra Bullock returns to the Golden Globes stage one year after thanking her (cheating) husband for having her back. Yes -- it's already been a whole year.

7:47 P.M.: Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) takes the win for Best Actor (Motion Picture Drama). Christmas sweaters and Bridget Jones seem oh so long ago.

7:54 P.M.: Presenter Michael Douglas receives a warm welcome from the audience. “There’s got to be an easier way to get a standing ovation,” he jokes.

7:56 P.M.: The Social Network finishes the evening with a win for Best Motion Picture (Drama). Mark Zuckerberg just hit the “Like” button.



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