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Veronica Santiago and Neil Estep review Hairspray, Chuck & Larry, and Premonition in this episode of FilmCrunch.
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This one goes out to all you sports nuts out there. The Gear Live Media Network has just launched its latest site - End Score. While still in it’s infancy, we expect that End Score will quickly become your one-stop sports destination. Whether you are a fan of baseball, football, basketball, or any other sport that involves balls, we think you’ll enjoy it. Go take a look, and let us know what you think.

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Holiday Gift Guide Giveaway

So, we are giving away stuff this year in our 2005 Holiday Gift Guide, and we are pretty excited about it. We are adding new ideas and giveaway items on a regular basis, through Christmas. We have over $450 worth in prizes up for grabs so far, including:

Look for more items to be added shortly. If you are interested in winning, head on over to the contest thread on our message board.

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One of the best things about starting a fresh new network is being able to make it the best it possibly can be, with help from our readers. No television show can succeed without viewers, and no website can succeed without readers. So let us know: What’s your poison? Do you want gossip and spoilers? Recaps and reviews? Thoughtful editorials on the state of television today? All this, and more? Please let us know, in the comment boxes or in our forum. Together, we can make TV Envy as good as…well, TV!

Hello, everyone. My name is Rhys Alexander, and I’m thrilled to be part of TV Envy. There is some great writing, and great people here, and I’m excited to watch this site develop. Besides being a complete TV addict, I’m also a professor of Writing and Literature. I currently maintain a personal site and write for several blog networks, with many more blogs in development…because you can never blog to much! And you can definitely never watch too much TV…no matter what your Mom says!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my entries as much as I’ll enjoy writing them. Have a great day and a fabulous Prime Time!