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Veronica Santiago and Neil Estep review Hairspray, Chuck & Larry, and Premonition in this episode of FilmCrunch.
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Katie Couric MammogramAs a follow up to her 2000 television stunt, Katie Couric decided to expose more of herself to her TV viewers this week - by exposing her breasts.  No nudity was exactly involved, but she did allow cameras to film her during a mammogram. A worthy stunt?  Yes.  This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month after all, and Katie’s televised colonoscopy in March 2000 - inspired by her husband’s death in 1998 to colon cancer - sparked a 20% increase in the rate of colon cancer testing nationwide.

But c’mon,  wasn’t this really a publicity stunt?  Probably. It’s no secret that Good Morning America is steadily creeping up in the ratings.  You can only imagine the producers behind the scenes trying to convince her that she would in no way be “exploited.” Too bad for Katie that Breast Cancer Awareness Month didn’t fall in NOVEMBER as opposed to OCTOBER - all that wasted flesh and it wasn’t even during sweeps…