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TergesenLee Tegersen, for six seasons compelling as Tobias Beecher, convicted of Vehicular Manslaughter on HBO’s unflinching prison drama Oz, has resurfaced on the last two episodes of the Alphabet Network’s Desperate Housewives. What’s more, the good-looking actor, frequently in scenes of full frontal nudity and Brokeback-like prison sex on Oz, is playing a clean, sober, and straight recovering alcoholic on Housewives.

Tegersen’s character, Peter McMillian, was Bree’s Alcoholics Anonymous sponsor in his first episode (March 26).  In his second Desperate outing (April 2), Lee as Peter fled the Van De Kamp house after Bree kissed him.  It’s not that McMillian is immune to the charms of Wisteria Lane’s hottest redhead. As it happens, Peter is not only a former alcoholic, he’s also a recovering sex-aholic who’s not quite ready for dating.

In his real, not reel, life, Lee Tegersen, 40, is rumored to be dating 60-year-old Cher.  I say, “What’s a mere 20-year age difference between lovers if your squeeze is a show business legend?”

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Katie CouricTelevision’s biggest story this week centers around the speculation that Katie Couric, co-host with Matt Lauer of NBC’s cash cow, Today, is about to leave television’s Number One morning show to become the first woman installed as the sole, permanent anchor of a major network evening newscast, CBS Evening News.

The rumor that Couric, 49, will leave Today for CBS when her NBC contract expires next month, has been circulating since January.  The rumor intensified yesterday when Television Week reported that a CBS deal for Couric had been “completed in principle” and the announcement of her NBC departure could come as early as this week.  Similiar stories ran in the Los Angeles Times and the New York Daily News.

Pundits say that Couric’s Today replacement would most likely be Weekend Today co-anchor Campbell Brown, or The View’s Meredith Viera.  NBC’s Today currently generates $250 million in yearly profit for the Peacock.

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Paula AbdulEvery week, when viewers tune in to American Idol, one question is the most prevalent: “Is Paula Abdul on drugs?” Along with Abdul’s infamous affair(s?) with contestants, incoherent ramblings, ill-timed giggling fits, and federal crimes committed in airports, a rash of new rumors are circulating regarding her alleged near-firing from the show.

Sources recently told US Weekly that the producers of American Idol have reached the limits of their patience with the former pop star, and are considering replacing her with Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears. Other sources, of course, deny it. But one thing can’t be denied - Paula does seem pretty weird. Here’s an example of a recent Abdul-ism: “Simon said…he always refers to a fortune cookie and says the moth who finds the melon finds the cornflake always finds the melon and one of you didn’t pick the right fortune.”

Hmm. What do you think? Paula Abdul: Crazy, under the influence, or adorably eccentric?

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DescriptionTV star extraordinaire and Melrose Place vixen Heather Locklear is in final negotiations to star in the comedy Women of a Certain Age, about a woman who finds herself newly single. Locklear has appeared on some popular shows such as Scrubs and Boston Legal, but has not carried a show since the failed LAX.

How is it that TV has survived so long without a show with Heather Locklear? “LAX” didn’t go over so well, but ABC is banking on that being a fluke.  The Philadelphia Daily News says that the network is trying to entice the 43-year-old beauty to star in the new comedy “Women of a Certain Age.” Locklear would play a woman—of a certain age—embarking on her newly single life.

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